River Eddies

Water is a common theme in my work as I enjoy spending time on the river fly fishing and swimming in Sydney Harbour beaches.  Along the river trout rest in eddies waiting for a fly to drop on the water.  I could see reeds and grasses swirling in the water.  My EDDIES vessels are enclosed objects thrown on the wheel.  The coloured slip and sgraffito capture the grasses, reeds, and fish as they move through the EDDIES. 

Throwing on the potter’s wheel

The clay is smooth and silky to the touch. I like to leave the lines in walls of the cup so you can see where my fingers have moved the clay up and around the cup. It’s that movement that brings the cup alive.

Here’s what I have been working on:

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  • Kookaburras

    Kookaburras were quite popular at my last exhibition. I received several requests for one after they all sold out. So I am back in the studio making more.

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